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Anna Boykova Lozanova- Ani Lozanova
“No singer is greater than the Song”

Born on the 29th of August 1975 in Berlin, Germany, the “first seven years“ she spends there. At the age of 3 in the Berlin Subway her first “performance“ takes place, in front of the amazed Germans. After her young parents end up their economical education, the family returns to Sofia, where the 7 year old Ani starts school. Despite her strong attraction to music and the guitar lessons (the guitar is a present from her grandfather and makes her the soul of the set), 1990 the girl is accepted in the German High school ”Prof. Konstantin Galabov”. Namely there she meets the person, thanks to whom Ani starts the way to music- the guitar player Julian Markov. Being a witness of her talent, but annoyed by her lack of self-confidence, July forces Ani to participate in the popular TV show for musical talents “Hit minus 1”. So, at the age of 16 the girl makes her debut on stage with the song of the well-known guitar player Ivan Lechev- “No strand”. As a student in the German High school, Ani also writes her first original song, inspired by the 9th annual from the death of John Lennon.

1994 Ani surprises all her relatives, among who there are no musicians, by being taken in the Musical Academy in Sofia.In the second course she meets Mitko Kаrnev (D2), Venko Poromanski (Te), Pepi Popov (Atlas), Sibin Vassilev (Reg Dolls) and together they create one of the first live club bands in Bulgaria- Geronimo. Actually, Ani is the first female vocal who steps on stage of the most popular pub in Bulgaria- Swingin’Hall.The girl is busy with performances with the band practically every night and, because she is that type who does not spare of singing, she finally almost loses her voice. The doctors recommend operation, but Ani refuses, because she has an important engagement coming- the musical contest “The Golden Orfeus”. Together with her girlfriend, the saxophone player Borjana Dimitrova, they perform their impressing version of the Jazz classic Summertime- only vocal and sax! After that event Ani quits singing for nearly one year. Ani leaves Geronimo, but together with the guitar player Mitko, they decide to create an original song. That way „I can’t get asleep” comes into the world- the alternative piece, that picks the ovations on the competition "The Sound of Passport” and which changes the Bulgarian music forever.

1998 the singer is invited by “EDITA productions” to create a song for their anti-AIDS campaign. ”Another Dimension” also becomes the song to the documentary film, which shows the true stories of people suffering from AIDS. After ending up the study in the Musical Academy, 1999 Ani starts singing in shows on cruise ships and tours around almost all the continents of the world.

2002 “Orpheus Music” issues the long awaited first album of the singer, ”MIRROR”. It includes all the songs, recorded in the course of the years, which explains its variety in style (pop, rock, alternative). The PR campaign to the debut CD includes a unique photo session for the cover of PLAYBOY.

2004 Ani takes part in the 7th annual awards of MM TV, where she promotes her new single “The Music Is in Me”.

2006 the singer participates in the Bulgarian election for the musical contest ”Eurovision” with the song of the young composer Rossen Cheshmedjiev- “I’LL LIGHT YOUR FIRE". The song comes out for the final tour and Ani dedicates her success to Rossen, who dies of leukemia 2005.

Guiding lights in music: Janis Joplin, Black Sabbath, Prince, Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, Depeche Mode, Skunk Anansie, Toto, Anastacia, Kosheen…

For the body: body building, bike riding, solarium, chocolate, tattoos…

For the soul: yoga, meditation, theatre, astrology, high adrenaline activities, white roses, black cats...

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